TATRALIFT (originally Tatrapoma, a.s,. / from 1975) as a brand name and later as the company operates in the market as an independent private manufacturer of a comprehensive range of equipment designed for cablecar passenger transportation. An innovation and development of the new equipment for the company TATRALIFT a.s.,are the key assumption for the stabilization of its competitive position. It is closely monitoring the dynamic changes in the conditions of global tourism and actively respond to global trends in this sector. The company implements the features of distinctive design, which combines the technical quality and aesthetics with emphasis on the quality of production and also does not neglect the marketing strategies that are now a necessity for prosperous companies. In the field of video marketing, we managed to work together to prepare this presentation video that the company TATRALIFT uses for various exhibitions, conferences and not least on their website http://www.tatralift.eu/en/


Neografia – Printing house

NEOGRAFIA – one of the largest and most modern printing houses in Slovakia.