Jetsurf World Cup 2015 – Čunovo / Wild Water.

Another year went on Čunovo / Wild Water. This new discipline due to its attractiveness enjoys a huge popularity worldwide. Our studio offers an insight into this new sporting discipline with capturing the entire event Race Championship Motosurf GP Slovakia 2015.

Jetsurf is a new style of surfing. This ultra-light surf is made completely from the carbon fiber to minimize overall weight. For its production the most modern technologies and materials are used for maximum performance in extreme conditions. It is powered by two-stroke internal combustion engine with a 100ccm and a maximum speed of 60 km / h.

By combining these unique features, allowing an unique kind of movement on the water surface, there is created a new sport discipline, Jetsurfing. Jetsurf allowes to run on all water places by standing up to the high waves. This young extreme adrenaline sport are constantly pushing own limits …